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When meeting with new clients one of the things I hear over and over is they would like their homes to be updated but still feel homey.  Some people get so comfortable with the way their home looks and feels they cannot see past the clutter and down right mess!  I usually recommend a episode of Hoarders and then they come to light!  What makes a house a home?  There are so many different answers to that question but I think a common denominator for everyone is who you share it with and next runner up is the comfy couch!  A few things that I think make a house more homey is the atmosphere!  Character, candles, plants, fluffy rugs, nice soft throws, pictures and good natural lighting are to name a few!  Some people just need to accessorize a little better and do not need a full home improvement job!   Here are few images below of some cozy spaces!

Excellent Natural Light!

Cozy Home 1

Preferential Pictures!

Cozy Home 2

Calming Plants

Cozy Home 3

Character Makes a Home Cozy!

Cozy Home 4

Since the living room is where most people spend their time at home that is usually my starting point in doing some home improvement projects!  I usually eye up the floor and see if it needs freshened up!  Rugs are a good alternative to replacing old carpet and they are fairly inexpensive!  If there is hard wood a little refurbishing can go a long way to improve the look of your home. Sometimes a little carpet cleaning from DYW Carpet Cleaning can make old carpeting look fresh and new!  Next, I check out the window coverings.  Old outdated shades and blinds can really put a damper on a  room!   Some of the older window treatments really block out to much light and give it that dungeon feel.  Yuck!  I highly recommend getting some new updated window coverings if yours are outdated.  Here is a great diy video on home improvement window treatments!


Exactly How Secure Is Your Home?

When I call the attention of security to some of my clients homes they are absolutely shocked!  Little do they know it takes only seconds to open their homes at a few different locations.  Because my home has been broken in to and so many items were irreplaceable, I am very passionate about making my clients become more aware and secure!  There are so many minor adjustments you can make to alleviate a horrific break in.  Below, I have highlighted the main security checklist!

  • Central Station Burglar/Fire Alarm – I recommend this first because having your home monitored 24 hrs a day is definitely worth it!  Motion sensors are placed inside and outside your home and the police or fire crew are alerted immediately in case of emergency!
  • Next I recommend having a video surveillance cameras set up inside and outside your home.
  • Limiting access to who can come in and out of your home is always recommended.  If a worker has a key before a project make sure to get it back and the end of the job.  Also, document who has keys and alarm codes.
  • Motion-sensor lighting is always a plus!  If a intruder lurks in your yard at night, lights will come on and hopefully lure them away!
  • Timer controlled lighting is a very reliable security feature.  Having lights come on even when you are not home are one way to keep intruders at bay.
  • Making sure the gates that surround your home are secure and locked.
  • Lastly, you should keep documentation such as pictures, inventory of jewelry, receipts and appraisals of pricey items in your home for worse case scenario!


Keeping all these little points in mind can definitely help out.  Another suggestion I would like to make is calling a locksmith.  I was referred to a locksmith company called Dealer Locksmith. They will actually come to your home and give you a home security assessment!  Not only do they tell you how to better secure your home but they can actually do the job while they are there!  Having a peace of mind while you are away or even while home with a more secure house is priceless!  Since most of us do not lock our door coming in to the house from the garage this shocking video may change your mind!  Just watch how easy it is to get in through our garages!  I saw this on the news not long ago and had to share with you!  I hope my insight will make you consider keeping your home more homey!  You would not believe how different my home felt once it was intruded!  I hope the few tips I did give will get you on your feet and just start with a few adjustments on my home assessment checklist!  Well, that is it for today!  Make it great and make a home improvement!






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