All About Floor Restore!

Restore Your Old Hardwood Floors!

New wood floors are gorgeous but unfortunately they are not in everyone’s budget!   If you live in an older home most likely there are old hardwood floors already installed under the carpeting!  If you are ready for a fun project and love to see gorgeous results you should consider reclaiming your old hard wood floors!  Here is a great video on some tips and trick on how to reclaim old hard wood floors!  Enjoy!


Reclaimed Wood 1

Stairs Reclaimed!

Before After Stair Wood Restore

 Such An Amazing Improvement!

Before After Wood Restore

Freshen Up Your Carpet!

If you want to liven up your home and give it that new fresh home feel, getting new carpeting is a quick fix!  I really love the “new” smell it puts in a home!  But, before you decide to get brand new carpeting because your current carpeting is getting worn down and drab looking you should definitely consider just getting it cleaned and plumped up!  While on this topic, Done Your Way Carpet Cleaning (DYW)does such an amazing job at a very affordable price!  There have been times when I was giving home improvement advice thinking there is no shot in their carpet coming back to life and this company really stands behind their workmanship!  Here are some great before and after carpet cleaning photos from DYW Carpet Cleaning showing amazing results!


Before After Carpet Cleaning

Before After Carpet Cleaning 2


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