At First Glance!

Landscape is the very first thing people see when pulling up to your home and the last thing they see when they leave.  For some reason, I always get my first impression of what I think the inside of their home is going to look like by the upkeep of their yards.  I figure if they don’t care what the outside looks like then most likely they will not really care what is on the inside.  Here is a great video on landscaping design and ideas.  Minor outdoor adjustments and home improvements can go a long way!  You don’t have to have a green thumb to get the look you are going for!  The images below shows you can do very little work of simply removing some of the bushes and it completely freshens up the home!

Before and After of Removing Bushes

Landscape 1

Landscape 2

Gorgeous Landscape!


Landscaping is expensive!  Pictures provided by BD Pools and Spas – An Arizona Pool Builder!   Doing it yourself can be extremely beneficial financially!

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